Thursday 14 May 2015

Mo's Challenge

Morning all, long time no see!
I've been away for ages, purely due to having no mojo at all, I can't remember when I last spent time in my craft room playing.
I've been feeling very low so far this year and have really just wanted to escape into books, although there isn't any reason why I should be blue. I'm back today because I wanted to enter Mo's DP2 challenge with this card.
It was commissioned by one of my friends for a 17th birthday and I thought it would fit the bill for the optional challenge of 'For Teenz Only'  My friend's gift to her great niece was a set of driving lessons, hence the design.

I do hope that my missing mojo will soon return and that I'll be back with loads of ideas and enthusiasm for crafting again. I am still visiting my favourite blogs (although naughtily I haven't always left comments)
Love and hugs to all who are in need of them.