Saturday 26 July 2008

Bev's Blog Candy and did you know I'm a Wylde Woman?

I haven't been sleeping at all well lately (another reason I can't get anything done during the day!) and last night was the worst yet. So while I was tiptoeing about in the early hours of this morning I thought I'd do some blog hopping. Guess what? I found I had been given another award!
This time it was the Wylde Women award (I knew people would see me as this one day, I just didn't expect it to take until I was this age! LOL) I have been awarded this by two of the best crafting friends a girl could have, so a huge thank you to both Sue and Ann, I'm very honoured to accept this. They both left me a message saying that I didn't need to fufill the other parts of the award as I'm having such a hectic time at the moment, (thank you ladies, it's much appreciated). Please do go and see these ladies' lovely blogs and leave them a comment, they deserve it!

Whilst doing my daily blog catch up earlier, I noticed that Bev is giving away some gorgeous blog candy. Now, I would really love to win this as I'm sure Bev and I must have been twins in a previous life because our tastes are just so similar! Bev is on my daily blog visit list for a very good reason...I just LOVE everything she does. If you haven't seen her blog before please pay her a visit, you'll just love it there, I know I do!

While I was typing this post it occurred to me that since joining Joanna Sheen's forum and setting up my blog I have made such fabulous friends. These are people that I consider true friends even though we may never have met. They have been there for me when I needed them, offered support and love, given me a boost when I was down and offered praise and encouragement in everything I've done. I consider myself so honoured and blessed to be counted as their friend.
Thank you to...
Edna, Wendy, Ann, Cynthia, Sue, Wendy and Denise


PixieHouse Creations said...

and ive given the award to you my friend for being so helpfull and showing such inspiring work
do hope you get settled with some sleep soon sweety
Wendy xx

Bev said...

Hi Chrissie, thanks for playing :) and good luck!!!

Bev x

Carol said...


I too would like to award you with the Wilde award as I am inspired by your work

Sue said...

Awww, Chrissie, I feel so emotional reading your post. I do appreciate your lovely kind words. I feel honoured to be counted among your friends, even though as you say, we have never met. I am so sorry, you are having a had time just now. I have bouts of sleeplessness for no obvious reason but it doesn't last long. I hope you manage to get into a better sleep routine very soon.

Lots of love, Sue xx

Lavender Rose said...

Chrissie thanks so much for the award :) and even though I have several each one does mean a lot and what a lovely tribute you have written to your online crafty friends, thanks, Denise xxx

PS - guess I will have to cross you off the list of recipients to pass the award on to now :(