Thursday 13 November 2008

Thank you Ann

Whilst I was "absent", I received an award from the lovely Ann thank you so much Ann, I really appreciate it and it certainly cheered me up.
As I have been blog hopping around I noticed that the people I would have liked to pass the award to already seem to have it, so if Ann doesn't mind I shall leave the award on my blog and if any of you have not already received this, help yourself.


Wheezie said...

Congratulations Chrissie on your award it is well deserved and I'm so glad to hear that your neck is is feeling better.
x Wheezie x

Sandra Wright. said...

Congratulations Chrissie,I love your blog,so it is well deserved.

Hugs Sandie x

Annie said...

Of course I don't mind Chrissie. Glad you are feeling better - just off to look at your cards.

Ann xxx

Annie said...

Hi Chrissie
Thanks for your comments on my blog. The clipart collections that go with Tilda and Messy Rabbit are under the artist Carol Halms - backyard is one of them but have a look for yourself as quite a few are suitable. I've only got the snowy one at moment but intend to get more. They cost $5.50 as they put a service charge on.
Have fun - your new Tilda's are gorgeous by the way.
Ann xxx

Dawn Wheeler said...

Huge congrats on your award ,your cards are fabulous ,so glad you are back blogging ,Dawnxx