Friday 23 January 2009

A Brand New Award

I feel very lucky today, I have just received a gorgeous award which is brand new. I've received this from my dear blogging friend Ann, who was one of the original five people to receive it from Ali.
The idea behind this award was explained by Ali like this,
"I've decided that I'm going to present an award of my own. It is the 'Beautiful Blog' Award and it should be passed on to 5 people who have inspired you and helped to make your blog what it is ."
Well the person who initially helped me make my blog what it is, was actually Ann herself, and if it hadn't been for her patience, reassurance and encouragement I'd never even have got as far as my first posting!
In view of this my 5 people are as follows:

Ann - for helping me set up my blog, explaining the whole thing and never getting fed up with my endless cries of woe!
Cynthia - for introducing me to the wonderful world of challenges and giving me a good 'talking to' when it was needed!
Edna - for being a never ending source of inspiration and making sure her tutorials to me were in words of one syllable (or less)!
Wendy - for introducing me to the land of "Cuties" and thereby starting an addiction I never thought I'd have!
and last but by no means least, Becky - for boosting my confidence no end by asking me to become a DT member on her wonderful challenge blog!

To all of you ladies, I am so grateful for your friendship. I'd also like to thank the numerous other bloggers who have helped me along the way, what a great bunch of people you all are!

I've also received this same award from some more blogging friends, Jane and Beryl, thank you so much.


Wheezie said...

Congratulations Chrissie this award is well deserved
x Wheezie x

Barbara said...

Congratulations! Well-deserved! I've enjoyed your blog for several months because I love your art. I'll keep coming back!

Sandra Wright. said...

Congratulations Chrissie, a beautiful award for you,and well deserved.

Hugs Sandie xx

Ann Whitfield said...

Thank you for your wonderful words Chrissie - I never got fed up because you were (and are) a pleasure to help
Ann x

Rainbow Lady said...

Thanks so much for this Chrissie. I do sound bossy giving 'you a talking to' sorry about that. Love Cynthia x

Becky said...

Aww, thanks so much Chrissie, you're a real friend!
Love Becky xx