Wednesday 14 January 2009


I'm so sorry that I've been such a bad blogger lately, I've also been a very bad crafter as I haven't been doing any!
No real reasons, except that I have been a bit 'down in the dumps' which means I don't get any motivation or ideas. I get like this every now and again, especially at this gloomy time of year, but I'm sure I'll be back to normal soon and then you'll be sick of my postings and cards LOL!
I've also missed visiting my favourite blogs, and I'll be putting that right very soon as I'm sure you'll have all been busily making gorgeous things and it will take me hours to catch up with everything.
I will be posting next week as it will be my second DT challenge over at Sketch and Stash, I hope I can come up with an idea before then!


Beryl K said...

I do hope you feel better soon Chrissie as you have been missed. I know what you mean tho I think everyone gets that sort of feeling at this time of year. Looking forward to your next sketch. Thinking of you and sending a few supportive hugs
Beryl x

Annie said...

Irene and I were beginning to get concerned Chrissie as you haven't been around. I quite understand about the down in the dumps feeling - like you I believe the time of year doesn't help much. Glad you've posted and will be back blogging soon. You were missed.

I hope you get a flash of inspiration for the challenge. I think there is something about being on a design team that kills brain cells. I did a card on Monday - worked on it all day on an off and guess where it is?
Give you a clue - it's in something big and black!
Yep the bin - good job I have till next MOnday to try again.

Ann xxx

Beryl said...

Well I'm blowed. I thought I'd pop across as I hadn't seen any new posts from you on the dashboard. I thought perhaps it wasn't working. I'm sorry to hear you've been down in the dumps. I do hope you get your motivation back soon. I've missed your posts a lot. Look forward to seeing at least one (the Sketch and Stash challenge) in the next week or so.
Beryl xx

Ann Whitfield said...

Sorry to hear that you've been feeling so low Chrissie I hope you feel a bit better soon
Ann x

Unknown said...

Good to know everything's OK Chrissie and I know all about not being able to do any crafting!

Looking forward to next weeks challenge - although I still have to do the first challenge yet!! I will do it tomorrow night... I promise!!

Jane's Blogs said...

Hi. Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit down ... I really miss your cards, and will be only too happy to have you back ... and I will never tire of your superb creations. Hope you feel better soon.

Jane xx

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit down hope you're back to normal soon
Wendy x

Anne said...

Oh Chrissie, you'd better get back to normal cos I'm missing you and your creations. Sending luv'n'hugs and hope you feel brighter soon :) xx

Becky said...

Aww, hope you're feeling a little better now Chrissie, I know exactly how you feel, I always get down in the dumps at this time of year too!
Big hugs!
Love Becky xx

Sandra Wright. said...

Hi Chrissie, I will be glad to see you back, you have been missed. We all get our "Blue Days", just takes time to get back to normal again.

Hugs and hugs my friend..Sandie xx

angeljakki said...

Its that time of the year, I know I struggle, try and think of summers days and happy things. Your mojo will come out and play then x x x

Jeanette said...

Hey Chrissie! Mid-January is always a yucky time of the year! Hope you are feeling more like crafting soon! Sending you loads of Cyberhugs! Jeanette

cats whiskers said...

Oh Honey you must not feel bad about not blogging or crafting, we all get like it at times and it is a horrible feeling dear. I suffer from SAD myself so know how bad it can be for you. Just take your time dear and we will all look forward to seeing your great sketch and be here when you feel like crfating and blogging again.
Think of you and sending big craty hugs Jacqui xxxx

debby4000 said...

Sorry to hear you've suffering from Crafters blues. Get out your favourite stuff and just play, it works for me.

Heather said...

Hi Chrissie - wondered where you'd got to - good to have you back.
It's only natural to feel down at this time of year - especially as we had no summer last year to lift us up.
I spotted your creative Mojo in our local park, eating a hot dog, so I
sent it straight home (told it to watch the roads on it's way) should be back you soon.
hugs Heather xx

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Sorry to hear you've been down. Want in on a secret? I use a sun lamp for depression, and it really gets me through the dull days of winter. If only I bought one years ago.