Sunday 3 August 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning! the song says. I have just got back from a boot sale...yes, I know it's pouring with rain but my lovely DH decided it wasn't too bad and would clear up, so off we went! Needless to say the heavens opened, although luckily we were on our way back by then so just missed being caught in the torrential downpour, and I was surprised by how many other lunatics were there too. I do feel sorry for those people who were trying to sell things, but on a brighter note, I managed to buy a couple of bits for my cardmaking. Anyway, some more of my little bits and bobs coming up.
The images on this first set are again taken from JS Fashion Boutique CD (surprise!) and are of a set of art deco ladies having cocktails, I've used some of the matching backing paper down the sides and just a little corner peel off and greeting on each.

Next is a set of two DL size cards, guess where they're from? yep, JS Fashion Boutique! now you're catching on to why I love it. Again I have used some of the matching backing paper, this time at the bottom of the cards, finished off with corner peel offs, a greeting and some little flowers and sticky backed gems.

I will scan the little doorholders later, but now I must make a trifle ready for a birthday tea for mum, we are picking her up later and her grand-children will be popping over to see her.

Right, that's done so here are my little doorhangers for baby. I think the whole idea of baby's doorhangers is just so sweet, I couldn't resist trying some out. I hope you like them.


Wendy - Anntaurus said...

You certainly have been busy - love all these cards too!

starcyl said...

Wow Chrissie you have been a busy bee, I love all the cards and those door hangers are fab and such a good idea, You put me to shame.

Jenny x

Jane's Blogs said...

What do you mean they aren't good enough to sell ... they are all absolutely fantastic, and I would happily pay whatever you asked for them. You go girl. Love them, love them, love them.

PixieHouse Creations said...

My you have been busy Chrissie they are all fab well done
Wendy xx

Paula said...

Wow Chrissie, you have worked hard! Lovely cards, and the baby doorhangers are something really special!

maggiemay said...

Chrissie you are doing a fabulous job love your doorhangers truely sweet.
lots of hugs

Rainbow Lady said...

Yes I do agree with Ann about the buses lol

Everything you have made is wonderful and love the doorhangers too.

Well done you
Love Cynthia x

Lavender Rose said...

I don't know how you made these Chrissie but they are so pretty, I love them!

Lavender Rose said...

Only just noticed the FB cards as I was working my way up....absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word Chrissie they are fab cards and the doorhangers and delightful and very useful. Me thinks that you will be asked time and time again to supply your cards for selling.


Sheila - Ginger said...

Hi Chrissie...well I'm keeping my finger crossed that this time I have been able to post my comments...I've tried so hard and did want to post them!!
Once again you've come up with some beautiful creations and thwe door hangers are gorgeous and so cute. Keep up with your wonderful work.
Love Sheila xx

Sue said...

These are gorgeous too, Chrissie. You certainly are making up for lost time. I love the door hangers especially, very cute.

Rosietoes said...

These just keep getting better and better Chrissie. Love those door hangers as well. :)

Pintsizeholly said...

Love the idea of the door hangers - just wish I knew where to start on something like that!!! Also loved the Art Deco cards as well. Keep up the excellent work as I am always looking.


Annie said...

Good grief Chrissie - did you sleep last night? Great cards - where on earth did you find all that energy?? Do tell - I need it.

Ann xxx

Beryl K said...

Beautiful work Chrissie

Jacqueline TresBella said...

Explain the cd of images to me. Is it just a cd with images and you print them out and and use them on cards? I've never used one of these before. Where do you get them?

SBS 20

Anonymous said...

those cards are pretty awesome!

Port Orchard florist

Ann Whitfield said...

I know I posted a comment on these yesterday Chrissie but I don't see it so it must be lost in cyberspace somewhere! I love them all but epecially the DL cards and the door hangers are such a good idea!
Ann x

Ali x said...

Wow, Wow, have you slept Chrissie.
Beautiful work,should be very suitable for the new shop.FB is so versatile, I havnt used the seaside images yet but you have inspired me. Keep it up. Ali G x

Suzanne said...

Wow - I have had computer problems so didn`t visit my daily list of blogs and you have been busy - stunning work
Love the door hangers
Thanks for sharing

Anne said...

Wow Chrissie where did you get the time to do all these! Love the door hangers, could you share where you got them from? xx

Wheezie said...

Wow Chrissie you certainly have been busy while i've been away
great cards

x Wheezie x

Annie said...

What time's the next bus?? lol
Ann xxx

Unknown said...

Mmmmm love the cards...JS does make fab CD's, my fav is the dancing with shadows.

Janette said...

Oooh I love the little baby doorhangers....I had one when Simon was a baby...17 years ago !!!
Mind you I am about to become a grandma again so an excue to try and make one LOl
Janette SBS20

Bev said...

Wow Chrissie, these are just fab!! Love the images and those door hangers are just amazing!